Thanks to donpop there is a totally new way to look at ice cream that scores on both delicious and nutritious scales. Our 100% natural vegan energy gelato delivers delicious energy and hydration for your body. We are low calories, non-dairy, 100% vegan with natural fruits, organic soy milk, coconut water, vegetables, acai, flax oil, agave honey and almonds. It is specially designed to promote hydration, energy, improves performance in any sport and is the perfect snack to recharge.

We have reinvented the ice cream to make it a natural energy gelato in the healthiest way possible and 100% vegetarian

Remember donpop heals and loves your body!

All of our gelato and sorbeto pops are lactose-free and Vegan! We carefully select the nutritional value of our ingredients and we use only the finest organic ingredients to produce the flavor for all donpop vegan sorbeto pops. Made with organic, non-GMO ingredients that are glutten free and free of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, artificial colors or flavors and most importantly our products are 100% natural vegan. Once you try our sorbeto you can feel that we care because donpop gives you a delightful fresh fruit taste.

Our gelato and sorbeto pops are simply delightful!